Facing up to the limits of DNA-based forensics

by jeeg 23. March 2014 19:43
IT'S being dubbed "molecular photofitting": producing an image of a suspect's face from DNA left at the crime scene. New research suggests that such reconstructions may soon be possible, giving police another investigative tool. Until now, DNA has been used to predict only a few physical characte... [More]

Nebraska high court denies man's DNA test request

by jeeg 23. March 2014 19:39
 The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday nixed a request for DNA testing of evidence gathered in the case of a man serving life in prison for shooting another man to death at an Omaha restaurant drive-thru. Antoine Young, 40, was convicted in 2008 of first-degree murder and a weapons count for ... [More]

Ontario Police face scrutiny over DNA testing sweep

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:25
  Ontario's police watchdog has launched a review of the DNA sampling practices of the Ontario Provincial Police after a complaint alleging racial profiling in the case of 100 migrant workers. The workers were subjected to a testing sweep, even though for many their only similarity to the su... [More]

House Rejects Expansion Of Oklahoma's DNA Database

by jeeg 6. March 2014 18:19
A plan to require people facing trial for certain crimes to submit DNA samples to law enforcement has been rejected by the Oklahoma House, despite an emotional plea from the bill's author. On Wednesday, the House voted 51-35 against the bill by Stillwater Republican Rep. Lee Denney... [More]

DNA collection aids arrests—but what about privacy?

by jeeg 24. February 2014 18:41
In this week’s episode of “TechKnow,” we highlight the latest advances in forensic technology that are helping law enforcement agencies identify suspects and solve crimes with increasing accuracy. Cases that were left cold for years are being revisited with fresh eyes—and, ... [More]

NYPD Brew: Beer Cans Found in Stationhouse Spark CSI Probe

by jeeg 23. January 2014 22:30
After four empty beer cans and a chilled six-pack were discovered inside a Bronx police stationhouse, top NYPD brass called in a team of forensic experts to try to detect DNA and fingerprints, DNAinfo New York has learned. Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski’s Inspections Unit summoned the... [More]

Problem with DNA robot led to Denver police DNA mix-up

by jeeg 13. January 2014 21:10
A malfunction in a DNA processing machine led to the scrambling of samples from 11 Denver police burglary cases, officials acknowledged Friday. It took more than two years for the department to discover the errors. As a result of the mix-up, prosecutors are dismissing burglary cases against... [More]

Local Police Collect DNA Samples From Crime Victims

by jeeg 27. December 2013 02:42
  Victims of a crime tell CBS 12 they feel like the Riviera Beach Police Department treated them like the actual criminals.Three days before Christmas, a single mom with five children says her family's life has been turned upside down.Why? It’s a family's worst nightmare – they c... [More]

Going too far on DNA searches

by jeeg 16. December 2013 22:11
The Supreme Court erred grievously this year when it permitted Maryland police to collect DNA samples from people who had been arrested and charged with serious crimes — samples that could then be used to match that person's genetic profile with evidence from unrelated unsolved crimes. A... [More]

New questions raised about mandatory DNA swabbing by police in California

by jeeg 11. December 2013 22:00
Lily Haskell was arrested while attending a peace rally in San Francisco in March 2009. Police took her fingerprints and swabbed the inside of her cheek to collect a sample of Haskell’s DNA, which was entered into a state database and shared with a federal database run by the Federal Bureau... [More]
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