Amazon, Google Race to Get Your DNA Into the Cloud

by jeeg 8. June 2015 21:13
  Amazon is in a race against Google to store data on human DNA, seeking both bragging rights in helping scientists make new medical discoveries and market share in a business that may be worth $1 billion a year by 2018. Academic institutions and healthcare companies are picking sides betwee... [More]

‘Moonshot’ Medicine Will Let Us Down

by jeeg 29. January 2015 21:27
PRESIDENT OBAMA’S new budget is expected to include hundreds of millions of dollars for so-called precision medicine. The initiative, which he introduced last week in his State of the Union address, has bipartisan support and is a bright spot in the otherwise tight funding environment for me... [More]

The Song Remains the Same

by jeeg 22. January 2015 21:20
As I listened to President Obama run through his checklist of proposals during the State of the Union speech the other night, I felt a bit of déjà vu at his mention of the promise of personalized medicine. Here’s what he said: “I want the country that eliminate... [More]

Every Patient a Subject

by jeeg 30. December 2014 21:42
  Personalized medicine, the hoped-for use of the information in our genes to inform our medical care, may end up helping people live longer, healthier lives. Or it may not—the jury is still out. But one thing is certain: As our unique genomic data enter our medical records, researcher... [More]

Government Cracks Down on Fake DNA-Based Medicine

by jeeg 14. May 2014 23:57
  Any medical advance always brings along con men hoping to exploit the news with useless or even dangerous "medicine" of their own that they can lie about to sell to people who don't yet know how to spot fakes. Personalized medicine, treatment that uses genetic information to improve people... [More]

Sequencing the genome of an entire population

by jeeg 10. July 2012 22:06
As the first country ever, the Faroe Islands are preparing to sequence the genetic material of its entire population. The FarGen project could become a model for personalised medicine throughout the world. The ambitious Faroese FarGen project has set out to sequence the Faroese genome. The pr... [More]

Race reemerges in debate over ‘personalized medicine’

by jeeg 2. August 2011 00:10
Federal examiners have rejected patents for genetic screening tests because the applicants did not explore their effectiveness for different races, adding to the debate about whether race has scientific validity in modern DNA-based medicine. Some geneticists, sociologists and bioethicists arg... [More]

Racial Labels Have Limited Use In Personalizing Medicine

by jeeg 11. May 2011 22:57
For all the fanfare around personalized medicine, the idea has been fairly slow to take off. Boosters have said if doctors had a patient’s DNA information it would be revolutionary: They could look for genetic risk of certain diseases or mutations that determine whether certain drugs ar... [More]

Closing the Book on SACGHS: What’s Next for Personalized Medicine Policy?

by jeeg 2. November 2010 19:01
The loss of the HHS Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society (“SACGHS”) will leave a void in the personalized medicine policy landscape.  Since its inception in 2002, the SACGHS has served a unique and important purpose—it was the central foru... [More]

Ozzy Osbourne's Genome is Sequenced

by jeeg 15. June 2010 21:35
THE mystery of why Ozzy Osbourne is still alive after decades of drug and alcohol abuse may finally be solved. The 61-year-old former Black Sabbath lead singer — who this week begins his health advice column in The Sunday Times Magazine — is to become one of only a few people in t... [More]
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