Lawsuit filed in Oregon GMO labeling recount

by jeeg 10. December 2014 00:15
  Supporters of a measure to label genetically modified food in Oregon filed a lawsuit Monday claiming 4,600 valid votes were rejected during the statewide recount that's underway. Nine voters have asked a judge for a restraining order to stop certification of the recount results until thos... [More]

Final Oregon tally due today; GMO recount likely

by jeeg 25. November 2014 01:39
  Today is the deadline for Oregon counties to finish tallying votes and report their final results to the state. With many counties already done counting, a ballot measure that would require labels for genetically engineered foods appears headed for an automatic recount. Election worker... [More]

GMO labeling initiative qualifies for Oregon ballot

by jeeg 25. July 2014 10:34
  Oregonians will decide in November whether they want to mandate that companies label genetically modified foods. The Secretary of State's Office Wednesday certified 118,780 signatures - well above the 87,213 needed to qualify for the 2014 ballot. "In only six weeks, we were able to col... [More]

Modified Wheat Is Discovered in Oregon

by jeeg 30. May 2013 22:53
Unapproved genetically engineered wheat has been found growing on a farm in Oregon, federal officials said Wednesday, a development that could disrupt American exports of the grain. The Agriculture Department said the wheat was of the type developed by Monsanto to be resistant to the herbici... [More]
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