NHS postpones plan to share patient records

by jeeg 19. February 2014 16:31
A plan to share NHS patient records with academics, medical charities and drug companies has been postponed for six months in an attempt to convince the public that privacy fears are unfounded. The giant data base, seen as a likely fillip to Britain’s bioscience industry, was to have been l... [More]

Why UK citizen's should opt out of the Government's new patient database

by jeeg 31. January 2014 21:38
We have until March to opt out of the care.data initiative. The ‘theoretical risk’ that we might be re-identified fr om our personal data once it is made available to third parties is a compelling reason to opt-out. However, this is not the only reason. Care.data is part of a major... [More]

A DNA database in the NHS: the end of privacy?

by jeeg 12. December 2012 20:31
The government has announced plans to sequence the whole genomes of 100,000 patients in the NHS. This means every chemical letter in each person's DNA will be stored in their electronic medical records where it can be analysed statistically. Some, but not all, of the proposed group will be cance... [More]

Plans for NHS database of patients' DNA angers privacy campaigners

by jeeg 11. December 2012 20:20
Controversial plans to build a massive database that would be capable of storing every British citizen's DNA records will be unveiled this week by the prime minister. David Cameron will announce a groundbreaking initiative designed to position the UK at the forefront of the genetic revolution &... [More]
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