'All crimes' registry? Not yet

by jeeg 16. January 2012 20:23
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants an "all crimes" DNA database for New York. That would authorize the police to take a DNA sample from every person convicted of any crime in our state, no matter how small. The governor should rethink this radical proposal. Evidence shows that when it comes to DNA ... [More]

NY Contemplates Expanded DNA Database

by jeeg 12. January 2012 21:58
The state of New York is considering a dramatic expansion of its DNA collection. New Yorkers who find themselves under arrest for anything may soon have to give up a sample. “I propose it be expanded to 100-percent of all crimes. Let’s provide justice for all and let’s be th... [More]

New York on Verge of Massive Expansion of State DNA Database

by jeeg 15. June 2010 01:39
As of April, New York state's DNA databank contained the genetic profiles of 356,054 people, most of them criminals. A decision later this month could, in effect, add millions more, whose only "offense" is being related to a convict.   No, their DNA won't actually be in the system. But ... [More]
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