New York State starts to crack down on mislabeled pills with DNA barcoding

by jeeg 4. February 2015 22:46
  What's that in your St. John's wort supplement, or your ginkgo biloba pill? What if it's not the plant you thought at all? The New York State Attorney General's office DNA-tested dozens of bottles of big-brand supplements to determine what they actually contained, the New York Times report... [More]

NY plays central role in GMO labeling debate

by jeeg 13. June 2014 21:48
  Agricultural, food and beverage companies are spending millions of dollars to defeat legislation to require labels on food containing genetically modified crops in New York, highlighting the state's pivotal role in debates about what Americans should know about the products they consume.&n... [More]

GMO label bill passes another hurdle in New York

by jeeg 4. June 2014 02:24
  A proposal to require labels on food products containing ingredients from genetically modified crops is inching closer to a vote in the New York Legislature. The labeling legislation was endorsed Tuesday by the state Assembly's Committee on Codes, a key panel that often signs off on bills... [More]

DNA swab kits to help NY bus drivers bust spitters

by jeeg 23. April 2014 23:53
  The MTA is about to get a little more CSI. City bus drivers will soon be armed with DNA swabs to gather evidence in the all-too-common event of an unhinged passenger spitting on them. Transit workers catch a loogie 14 times a month, the MTA estimated in 2011. The swab kits will be distr... [More]

Public debates the DNA issue — and so do I

by jeeg 22. October 2013 00:00
When the state of New York expanded its DNA database last year, I didn’t give it much thought. After all, I am not a criminal, so it’s not like my DNA is going to be in the database anytime soon. And the use of DNA evidence has been, by and large, a good thing. This valuable ge... [More]


by jeeg 7. May 2013 23:20
Will New York State be the first state in the nation to require the labeling of food containing what has become known as GMO -- genetically modified organisms?     More than 60 countries have enacted laws banning the use of GMO in producing food or requiring the labeling of food w... [More]

3 Years After Inception, a DNA Technique Yields Little Success for the Police

by jeeg 29. January 2013 00:51
The robber fled through a backyard in Queens, dropping a jacket and gloves and with them, genetic material. Detectives failed to find a suspect in tests comparing the material against a DNA database of convicted criminals. But the search yielded a near match to a convict with an unusually simil... [More]

Helping Decide Guilt or Innocence

by jeeg 20. December 2012 21:27
  A man will go on trial for attempted murder in Brooklyn. His fate may hang on the handlebars of a bicycle. Prosecutors contend he shot a man from the bike, and may have left a DNA calling card on its surface. He may not have been the only one to touch the bicycle, though. As DNA evid... [More]

Expansion of criminal DNA database begins in NY

by jeeg 2. August 2012 23:28
Changes intended to include more people in New York's DNA database of criminals has taken effect. New York is now collecting DNA samples from everyone convicted of a felony or penal misdemeanor. The so-called "all-crimes DNA" program was authorized in a law earlier this year. The measure th... [More]

CRG Holds Press Conference in NY State Capital to Oppose its Database Expansion Plans

by jeeg 14. March 2012 01:21
Remarks by:   Jeremy Gruber   President   Council for Responsible Genetics     The Governor argues that law enforcement needs to collect DNA samples from all New Yorkers convicted of even minor crimes.  Let’s start by being absolutely clear about what... [More]
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