N.J. Senate committee OKs bill allowing DNA collection in minor crime convictions

by jeeg 19. June 2014 23:05
  Police would be able to collect DNA from people convicted of minor crimes, a move that would greatly expanding the number of those required to provide samples, if a bill approved Thursday becomes law. Previously, DNA samples were taken from sex offenders and people who committed certain v... [More]

Christie vetoes bill that would have eased tough rules for gestational surrogates

by jeeg 10. August 2012 00:30
Gov. Chris Christie today vetoed a bill that would have relaxed New Jersey's strict surrogate parenting law, saying the state hadn't yet answered the "profound" questions that surround creating a child through a contract.   According to the governor's statement explaining the veto obtai... [More]

N.J. surrogacy bill would allow women to be paid as 'carriers'

by jeeg 8. June 2012 23:04
Twenty-five years after the landmark Baby M case focused international attention on the rights of surrogate mothers in New Jersey, state lawmakers are poised to consider a new measure that would allow residents to formally contract with — and pay — women to carry a donated embryo to ... [More]
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