New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-New Age of Human Genetic Engineering?

by jeeg 24. November 2014 22:36
    New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine:    New Age of Human Genetic Engineering? The Safety and Ethics of Attempts to Prevent Mitochondrial Disease     It may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but human germ-line genetic engineering ha... [More]

FDA weighs risks of 3-person embryo fertilization

by jeeg 26. February 2014 19:43
Should doctors be allowed to tinker with genes to produce a healthy baby? That's the question a Food and Drug Administration panel will consider this week when it holds hearings on whether to allow a controversial fertility technique to be tested on women with mitochondrial disease. The field's ... [More]

The British Embryo Authority and the Chamber of Eugenics

by jeeg 12. March 2013 21:17
Scene: A laboratory setting. A scientist begins constructing a new individual by combining parts from two different humans. A new part from one or two additional people is then added. At some point, an electric shock is administered. The scientist observes the composite for a few moments, lookin... [More]
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