Huntington man deals with mitochondrial disease as preventive measures debated

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:31
  Ted Tiller gets around his Huntington home in a wheelchair, battling a rare disease that has left him with weakened legs, brain lesions and failing vision. Since 2009, Tiller, 23, has suffered from mitochondrial disease, a debilitating, often-fatal condition that affects how energy in the... [More]

A Baby with Three Parents?-CRG in the News

by jeeg 20. May 2014 02:14
  Danielle Messer is already a mother of two, but she wants another baby pretty badly. “Pretty badly might be an understatement,” Messer told America Tonight from her home in Kentucky. “I wanted a bigger family. I wanted a girl, really bad.” But the 36-year-old says... [More]

F.D.A. Weighs Fertility Method That Raises Ethical Questions

by jeeg 26. February 2014 19:47
The Food and Drug Administration is weighing a fertility procedure that involves combining the genetic material of three people to make a baby free of certain defects, a therapy that critics say is an ethical minefield and could lead to the creation of designer babies. The agency has asked a pane... [More]
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