Fire at a Brooklyn Warehouse Puts Private Lives on Display

by jeeg 3. February 2015 00:54
  No lives were lost in the huge fire that gutted a storage building on the Brooklyn waterfront over the weekend. But the flames put plenty of lives on display as the crumpling warehouse belched up its contents: decades’ worth of charred medical records, court transcripts, lawyers&rsqu... [More]

Laptop Theft Puts 13,000 Clinical Trial Participants Personal Info at Risk

by jeeg 20. September 2012 01:27
A laptop theft from last week may have placed the personal information of about 13,000 current and previous clinical trial participants from about 50 different studies at risk, says Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Terry Lynam with North Shore-LIJ Health System says that some of the cli... [More]

German drug data outfit slammed for potential privacy breach

by jeeg 13. February 2012 22:29
A potential scandal has hit a German drug data company that sells prescription info to Big Pharma groups. A former employee of the company, Pharmafakt, told a German magazine that he was told by his bosses to help them supply drugmakers with script data that hadn't been scrubbed clean to make ... [More]

Patient Data Posted Online in Major Breach of Privacy

by jeeg 9. September 2011 22:10
A medical privacy breach led to the public posting on a commercial Web site of data for 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., including names and diagnosis codes, the hospital has confirmed. The information stayed online for nearly a year. Since discoverin... [More]

Breaches Lead to Push to Protect Medical Data

by jeeg 1. June 2011 20:53
Federal health officials call it the Wall of Shame. It’s a government Web page that lists nearly 300 hospitals, doctors and insurance companies that have reported significant breaches of medical privacy in the last couple of years. Such lapses, frightening to consumers, could impede th... [More]
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