Longevity Gene Debate Opens Trans-Atlantic Rift

by jeeg 22. September 2011 19:47
A trans-Atlantic dispute has opened up between two camps of researchers pursuing a gene that could lead to drugs that enhance longevity. British scientists say the longevity gene is “nearing the end of its life,” but the Americans whose work is under attack say the approach remains... [More]

BU researchers retract genetic study of longevity

by jeeg 28. July 2011 23:57
Boston University researchers today retracted a controversial, high-profile paper that claimed to identify a genetic signature for extreme longevity, after a new analysis showed some of their original data were incorrect. The paper, originally published online by the journal Science last Jul... [More]

Scientists Criticize Study on Genetics of Old Age

by jeeg 11. July 2010 00:10
A study on the genetics of centenarians that was published last week in Science, a leading scientific journal, has come under criticism from geneticists who say it has obvious weaknesses, is probably incorrect and should not have been published in a premier journal. The study, which received... [More]

23andme Questions GWAS Longevity Study

by jeeg 8. July 2010 02:09
A genome-wide association study of extreme longevity published last week in the journal Science has been receiving a lot of press attention.  The results are quite extraordinary: the authors identify 70 loci with genome-wide significant evidence for association with living past the age of... [More]
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