Take Action-Tell Your Senator to Pass the Forensic Science and Standards Act

by jeeg 10. March 2014 07:35
  Tell Your Senator to Pass the Forensic Science and Standards Act of 2013!   Unvalidated or improper forensic science has contributed to 49% of the 312 cases later overturned by DNA evidence. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is considering... [More]

More DNA Samples, More Debate

by jeeg 23. September 2013 20:47
Law-enforcement agencies in many places routinely take DNA samples from people convicted of murder and other violent crimes. But here in Orange County, officials also are taking samples from people charged with minor offenses such as shoplifting and drug possession, in exchange for agreeing to... [More]

Experts: DNA ruling could lead to national ID

by jeeg 16. July 2013 23:30
Indiana law enforcement officials could find it easier to fight crime if a national database holding DNA profiles of everyone born in the United States is created as the result of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month, experts say. The prospect has had investigators and privacy advocate... [More]

Britain will no longer support is the DNA-sharing process known as the Prüm decision

by jeeg 10. July 2013 23:12
Britain is to join forces with like-minded EU member states to try to reform the European arrest warrant after the coalition agreed after lengthy negotiations to maintain British involvement with the controversial measure. Theresa May, the home secretary, will announce in a statement to MPs on ... [More]

How innocent man's DNA was found at killing scene

by jeeg 8. July 2013 23:14
When a San Jose man charged with murdering a Monte Sereno millionaire was suddenly freed last month, prosecutors acknowledged he had an airtight alibi - he was drunk and unconscious at a hospital when the victim was killed in his mansion miles away. But a mystery remained: How did the DN... [More]

Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA

by jeeg 14. June 2013 22:06
Slowly, and largely under the radar, a growing number of local law enforcement agencies across the country have moved into what had previously been the domain of the F.B.I. and state crime labs — amassing their own DNA databases of potential suspects, some collected with the donors’ ... [More]

CRG Statement: Supreme Court Ruling Fails to Protect the Privacy of Americans' DNA

by jeeg 4. June 2013 19:03
The US Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Maryland’s law allowing law enforcement to collect DNA upon arrest and prior to conviction fails to protect the privacy of Americans’ DNA and is a serious blow to human rights in the United States. In Maryland v King the Court has no... [More]

Justices mixed on DNA database

by jeeg 28. February 2013 01:28
The Supreme Court justices sounded closely split Tuesday on what one of them called the most important criminal procedure case in decades, a challenge to whether police may routinely take DNA samples from suspects and put the results in a national database.   "Why isn't this the fingerp... [More]

DNA Collection v. DNA Privacy

by jeeg 28. February 2013 00:55
More than a quarter-century since Florida became the first state to use Now it’s the U.S. Supreme Court’s turn to hear, and hopefully settle, the issue. On Tuesday, February 26, lawyers for the state of Maryland and a convicted rapist presented oral arguments on whether authorities ... [More]

CRG Files Landmark Brief with Supreme Court Challenging Collection of DNA upon Arrest

by jeeg 4. February 2013 21:34
The Council for Responsible Genetics has filed a landmark brief with the United States Supreme Court in the case of State of Maryland v. Alonzo Jay King, Jr. challenging, on racial justice grounds, the growing trend in which government collects DNA samples not just from those convicted of crimes... [More]
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