The strange case of the 'time travel' murder

by jeeg 29. April 2014 21:44
  A woman's body is found in London. DNA turns up a hit, yet the suspect apparently died weeks before the alleged victim. Here, forensic scientist Dr Mike Silverman tells the story of one of the strangest cases of his career.   It was a real-life mystery that could have come straig... [More]

Just 60 forensic experts and 25 labs to handle 24,923 rape cases in India

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:58
The government’s failure to set up new forensic labs and insufficient trained manpower is causing significant delay in criminal investigations. Today, the country has only 25 forensic labs with just 60 forensic experts at work, according to a parliamentary Standing Committee report.Genet... [More]

Mishandling of DNA Evidence Is Found in Over 50 Cases at Crime Lab

by jeeg 1. February 2013 19:56
The New York City medical examiner’s office said Thursday that it had discovered more than 50 cases in which it failed to upload critical DNA evidence samples from crime scenes to the state’s DNA database, preventing those samples from being compared to genetic material from convicte... [More]

Study on safety of proposed BU biolab didn’t examine terror risk

by jeeg 10. January 2013 19:52
IN ITS Jan. 7 editorial “BU biolab’s passing grade on risk evaluation should reassure skeptics,” the Globe seems to be satisfied with the assurances from National Institutes of Health scientists that the Boston University biolab on Albany Street in the South End does not pose a... [More]

Safety survey reveals lab risks

by jeeg 10. January 2013 19:23
Scientists may have a false sense of security about the safety of their laboratories, according to early results from the first international survey of researchers’ workplace attitudes and practices.   Some 86% of the roughly 2,400 scientists who responded said that they believe t... [More]

Appeals court backs scientist in Pfizer retaliation case

by jeeg 17. December 2012 18:17
Pfizer Inc. whistleblower Becky McClain’s legal battle to draw public attention to worker-safety issues came to an end Friday as an appeals court refused to overturn a $2.3 million verdict in favor of the former Groton-based scientist.   Pfizer said it is “evaluating its opt... [More]

Corruption at South African forensic lab sabotages convictions

by jeeg 14. September 2012 02:02
ALLEGED wide-scale corruption and theft at the country's leading police forensic science laboratory is leading to massive backlogs in the finalisation of horrific crimes, including sexual assaults. A detailed dossier compiled by the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) has blown open ... [More]

Lawmakers want CDC info on bioterror lab safety

by jeeg 26. June 2012 23:54
Five members of a congressional watchdog committee sent a letter today calling for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce by next week copies of all safety incident reports involving problems at a $214 million bioterror lab at the agency's Atlanta headquarters.   Th... [More]

Airflow problems plague CDC bioterror lab

by jeeg 13. June 2012 22:12
A $214 million bioterror germ lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has had repeated problems with airflow systems designed to help prevent the release of infectious agents, government documents and internal e-mails show.   While the agency says no one has b... [More]

Deadly infection claims San Francisco VA lab worker

by jeeg 3. May 2012 21:59
State and federal health officials are investigating how a rare and virulent bacteria strain appears to have killed a young researcher at a VA Hospital's infectious diseases lab in San Francisco, setting off alarms that the man's friends and fellow researchers also may have been exposed. The... [More]
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