A new food-labeling faceoff

by jeeg 10. April 2014 22:11
  The California Senate Health Committee recently approved Senate Bill 1381, which would require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods. This action is triggering new flows of facts and opinions by interest groups. This bill renews the long-running debate between consumer groups ... [More]

Food Companies Take Fight Against GMO-Labeling To Federal Level

by jeeg 4. February 2014 22:10
The GMO fight is expensive. California and more than two dozen other states are considering mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. The food industry has spent more than $70 million to quash those high profile efforts in places like California and Washington State.   Now big f... [More]

FDA: Courts on Their Own in GMO "All Natural" Lawsuits

by jeeg 30. January 2014 22:13
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declined to decide whether food may be labeled "Natural", "All Natural" or "100% Natural" if it contains bioengineered ingredients, putting the onus on the federal district courts in litigation that has sprung up across the United States. ... [More]

Organic food and farm groups ask Obama to require GMO food labels

by jeeg 16. January 2014 20:11
Four U.S. lawmakers joined with more than 200 food companies, organic farming groups, health and environment organizations and other groups on Thursday to urge President Barack Obama to require manufacturers to label food products that contain genetically engineered ingredients. The gro... [More]

GMOs in Our Food: Do We Have a Right to Know?

by jeeg 7. September 2013 01:17
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably enjoying a snack while checking your email and catching up on your blogs. If you’re eating a conventionally produced snack – that is, one that is not Certified Organic or Non-GMO Verified – chances are it could be full o... [More]


by jeeg 7. May 2013 23:20
Will New York State be the first state in the nation to require the labeling of food containing what has become known as GMO -- genetically modified organisms?     More than 60 countries have enacted laws banning the use of GMO in producing food or requiring the labeling of food w... [More]

Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Taken On By Congress In Right-To-Know Act

by jeeg 26. April 2013 20:18
On Wednesday, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) introduced bills to the Senate and House of Representatives that would require food manufacturers to clearly label any product containing genetically engineered ingredients -- or risk having that product classified "misb... [More]

Food Politics Creates Rift in Panel on Labeling

by jeeg 11. April 2013 18:26
The politics of genetically modified food has created a rift in a policy-setting committee of the influential Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that demonstrates the difficulty in finding anyone — anywhere — who doesn’t already have an opinion on the issue. A dietitian workin... [More]

Why Do G.M.O.’s Need Protection?

by jeeg 3. April 2013 20:45
Genetic engineering in agriculture has disappointed many people who once had hopes for it. Excluding, of course, those who’ve made money from it, appropriately represented in the public’s mind by Monsanto. That corporation, or at least its friends, recently managed to have an outrage... [More]

Prop 37 Defeated: California Voters Reject Mandatory GMO-Labeling

by jeeg 8. November 2012 00:28
California voters rejected Prop 37, which would have required retailers and food companies to label products made with genetically modified ingredients. Millions of dollars, mostly from outside of California, were poured into campaigns both for and against Prop 37. But the donations that ... [More]
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