The final nail in the Jurassic Park coffin: Next generation sequencing reveals absence of DNA in sub-fossilized insects

by jeeg 16. September 2013 21:12
Research just published in the journal PLOS ONE by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester can now confirm that the existence of DNA in amber fossils is highly unlikely   It is hardly possible to talk about fossil insects in amber ... [More]

Jurassic Park Impossible Because of Stupid Laws of Physics

by jeeg 12. October 2012 22:53
The lesson of the Jurassic Park tragedy was clear — man and dinosaur were not meant to coexist. It’s lucky then that dinosaur fossils are far too old to contain any genetic material that could be used for cloning. DNA breaks down over time, even when kept in ideal conditions,... [More]
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