Genetic discrimination impacts cancer patients in Canada without insurance coverage

by jeeg 17. November 2014 23:59
  This year 67 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day — 14 of those women will die every day, according the latest statistics from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. It’s a harsh reality for so many women in Canada and Teresa Quick is a prime example of... [More]

Canada Agency Clashes With Insurers on Genetic Testing

by jeeg 10. July 2014 22:51
  A Canadian agency is pushing life and health insurers to stop asking applicants for access to genetic test results, drawing resistance from an industry that says the data help companies properly price policies. The request today from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada asks i... [More]

Cigna to require counseling prior to some genetic tests

by jeeg 26. July 2013 21:38
The health insurer Cigna Corp. will begin requiring patients who are at risk for breast cancer, colorectal cancer syndromes or Long QT syndrome and are considering genetic testing to first receive genetic counseling, in an effort to reduce inappropriate utilization of genetic tests.By first requ... [More]

It's Legal For Some Insurers To Discriminate Based On Genes

by jeeg 22. January 2013 02:52
Getting the results of a genetic test can be a bit like opening Pandora's box. You might learn something useful or interesting, or you might learn that you're likely to develop an incurable disease later on in life.   There's a federal law that's supposed to protect people from having t... [More]

Biotech CEOs See Insurers as the New Boogeymen, Not FDA

by jeeg 10. January 2013 19:32
Most biotech executives would have said a few years ago that the FDA was the No. 1 barrier standing in the way of business success. It was the one thing they worried about most. But now biotech CEOs appear to be more concerned about a new kind of threat, coming from the people who... [More]

Not All Patients Will Pay for Genetic Testing

by jeeg 6. June 2012 20:49
More than one-fifth of people who have received referrals to test for cancer-causing genes say they will only undergo testing if their insurance covers the cost—just as more insurers are instituting cost-sharing for medical services like genetic testing, according to new findings from Fox Chas... [More]
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