This week in innocence: Meet America’s 325th DNA exoneration

by jeeg 24. December 2014 01:53
  Via the Innocence Project: On the request of the District Attorney’s Office, a Dallas County judge today entered a court order finding Rickey Dale Wyatt innocent of a rape for which he served nearly 31 years. Working closely with the Dallas District Attorney’s Conviction Int... [More]

DNA database is welcome in Ireland but it will need safeguards

by jeeg 9. September 2013 23:37
THE Irish Innocence Project welcomes the new DNA database bill, last heard of in 2010. In the US and UK, many people have been exonerated by so-called "cold-searching" of DNA databases. In addition, actual perpetrators have also been eventually discovered when a DNA database search matched ... [More]

DNA testing frees man who lived on death row for 15 years

by jeeg 7. December 2012 23:55
Every morning Damon Thibodeaux wakes up in his temporary digs in Minneapolis and wonders when his newfound freedom is going to come crashing down. "You think you're going to wake up and find it was just a dream," he says. When he stepped out of Angola jail in Louisiana several guards were at the ga... [More]

Justice and Prosecutorial Misconduct

by jeeg 30. December 2011 00:54
  Michael Morton was exonerated by DNA evidence this month after being wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and serving nearly 25 years in prison in Texas. In seeking to prove Mr. Morton’s innocence, his lawyers found in recently unsealed court records evidence that the p... [More]

When DNA Evidence Suggests ‘Innocent,’ Some Prosecutors Cling to ‘Maybe’

by jeeg 18. November 2011 00:14
For 17 years, Terrill Swift and three other men convicted in the 1994 rape and strangulation of a prostitute here have insisted on their innocence. And last May, a powerful new piece of evidence emerged that appeared to back their claim: a DNA profile, constructed from semen found in the victi... [More]

On DNA rules for convicts, Massachusetts lags behind

by jeeg 30. March 2011 23:42
Massachusetts has seen its share of wrongful convictions. But when it comes to keeping the innocent out of jail, advocates say, the Commonwealth lags far behind.   In response to hundreds of cases nationwide of prisoners winning exoneration after spending years in prison, virtually ever... [More]
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