The right to genetic ignorance

by jeeg 7. September 2013 01:34
People should be free to choose whether to be informed about risk factors in their genomes, or those of their children THE age of genomic medicine is dawning. Whole-genome sequencing is starting to transform the diagnosis of rare inherited diseases, and within a few decades it could be a rout... [More]

Uninformed Consent

by jeeg 12. February 2013 22:40
Last year, after years of writing about research studies, I agreed to become a research subject myself.   I agreed to allow a local medical center to use my tissue, health records, fluids, cells, and other “specimens” for research. Not only that – I also allowed the re... [More]

Indigenous Peruvian Tribe Blocks DNA Sampling by National Geographic

by jeeg 9. May 2011 20:05
Complaints by indigenous leaders and local officials have blocked a plan by geneticists with the National Geographic Society to collect DNA from the remote Q'eros tribe in Peru as part of the Genographic Project, which seeks molecular clues to humankind's migrations over the globe. Population ... [More]
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