‘DNA experts (in India) could also be guilty of giving false results’

by jeeg 12. October 2012 00:39
In an in-depth interview to Firstpost, GV Rao, DNA analyst and former chief staff scientist at the Hyderabad-based Centre For DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics discussed of critical issues facing the DNA testing in India, the problems with the DNA profiling Bill, and his experience as an expert w... [More]

Could better DNA testing facilities in India have saved the Talwars?

by jeeg 11. October 2012 18:17
Over the last decade, the use of DNA tests to solve crimes has seen a significant rise in crime investigation in India. But forensic experts warn that the absence of standard practices, quality checks and regulation has resulted in irresponsible and inaccurate application of the technology.The use... [More]

FGPI travels to India

by jeeg 4. October 2012 21:49
The Forensic Genetics Policy Intiative (FGPI), a project of the Council for Responsible Genetics, GeneWatch UK and Privacy International, is an international project to raise awareness of the privacy and human rights issues associated with the global growth of forensic DNA databases.  FGPI wo... [More]

Proposed DNA database greatly expands scope of surveillance in India

by jeeg 2. October 2012 00:08
A new version of a draft law that proposed to set up a national DNA fingerprint database of criminals, including rapists, murderers and kidnappers, plans to substantially expand the type of offenders it covers to include people convicted of drunk driving and adultery.   The expanded lis... [More]

Indian Government bill aims to build pool of DNA samples of ‘offenders’; experts fear possible misuse

by jeeg 1. October 2012 21:48
The government plans to introduce a bill in Parliament that aims to create a pool of “DNA profiles” of “offenders” as part of efforts to make crime detection more effective in the country. However, many experts warn of likely misuse of such sweeping powers.   The... [More]

Indian Parliamentary committee slams regulatory system on GM crops

by jeeg 9. August 2012 23:17
The parliamentary committee on agriculture has strongly criticised the regulatory system on genetically modified (GM) crops in the country, calling it inadequate and ineffective. Speaking to Down To Earth soon after tabling the report in the Lok Sabha on August 9, chairperson of the 31-mem... [More]

Indian National Biodiversity Authority to take action against Bt Brinjal biopiracy

by jeeg 10. August 2011 20:04
The development of Bt Brinjal was a case of biopiracy, according to the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA). According to sources, the NBA has finally concluded its year-long investigation and recommended action against the U.S. agribusiness giant, Monsanto, and its Indian collaborators, who... [More]

Monsanto official Beaten by farmers in India over Failed GMO Bt Cotton Seeds

by jeeg 2. August 2011 19:09
We have reported in the past an alarming suicide rate among farmers in India that is connected to the failure of American GMO (genetically modified organism) cotton seeds. Monsanto, the U.S. company responsible for Agent Orange, a cancer-causing chemical sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam, is... [More]

MP protests against trials of GM Maize

by jeeg 28. April 2011 19:37
After Bihar complained against the clandestine experiments of GM food crops in the state, it is Madhya Pradesh's turn now. State agriculture development minister Ramkrishn Kusmaria has written to the Centre against the clearance by Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) to GM Maize tri... [More]

India May Soon Have a National DNA Database

by jeeg 16. September 2010 23:12
If their Parliament passes the DNA Profiling Bill, 2007, India will soon join countries such as the US and UK in creating a national DNA database. "The bill, drafted and sent to all ministries and departments for their feedback, has been modified. The final version has been sent to the law mi... [More]
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