In Reversal, Genetics Group Says Patients Should Be Allowed to Refuse 'Incidental' Findings

by jeeg 2. April 2014 21:58
Apparently bowing to pressure from its members, the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) says that patients should be allowed to “opt out” of learning about how their DNA might increase their risk of disease. The policy, announced today, reverses a controv... [More]

Presidential Panel Urges Researchers to Plan for Incidental Findings

by jeeg 13. December 2013 19:56
Researchers, clinicians, and other generators of medical data beyond the stated goals of procedures or lab tests should plan for the possibility they’ll come back with “incidental findings,” then plan in advance whether and how to deliver such information to patients or con... [More]

Gene test results to be passed on without consent

by jeeg 31. May 2012 20:55
PEOPLE tested for predisposition to a genetic disease will no longer have a say in whether their results are given to their close relatives, under proposed changes to NSW laws. The NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, has introduced legislation to allow doctors to inform a patient's blood relative... [More]

College or Funeral Is Mother’s Wish Denied on DNA Results

by jeeg 17. May 2012 21:30
Camilla Grondahl asked genetics researcher Gholson Lyon a simple, heartbreaking question: Was she carrying a lethal gene that might kill her unborn baby?   Grondahl, 29, didn’t want to terminate her pregnancy, which began in 2010. She just wanted to know what the scientist knew. ... [More]

Health Exchanges' Sharing of Patient Data Heightens Privacy Concerns

by jeeg 17. May 2012 21:26
Victor Hand, a semi-retired railway manager in Maine, grew so alarmed when he learned that his state was building a database to store all residents' medical files that he rushed to the hospital to try to opt out.   "I sure don't want my information in that thing," Hand said. "I just don... [More]
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