deCODE going door to door for your DNA

by jeeg 16. May 2014 02:29
  First they came for my DNA...   Last week more than 100,000 Icelanders found big envelopes in their mailboxes, sent by the Icelandic biotech company deCODE. The envelope (pictured) contained materials to collect DNA.  Iceland's official search and rescue team is b... [More]

Iceland Search And Rescue Team Is Coming For Your DNA!

by jeeg 16. May 2014 02:26
  I was flipping through Fréttablaðið on Wednesday morning when a particular article plus two full-page ads caught my eye. ‘This is crazy!’ I thought, as I read the headline, “Collecting DNA Samples From 100,000 Participants In deCODE Research.” &... [More]
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