NIH and Wellcome Trust Announce H3 Africa Initiative

by jeeg 28. June 2010 02:05
In the ten years since the Human Genome Project was completed genomics has progressed in leaps and bounds, but surprisingly little has been about Africa or by African scientist. The vast majority of genomic studies have been of American, Asian and European genomes, with just one genome-wide a... [More]

Ten Year Anniversary of the Human Genome Project - Expectations Diminshed

by jeeg 26. June 2010 00:01
Ten years ago the Human Genome Project announced it had completed the first draft of the blueprint for human life. It was hailed as a huge scientific advance, comparable to putting a man on the moon. President Bill Clinton declared: "We'll go from knowing almost nothing about how our genes w... [More]

The Genome, 10 Years Later

by jeeg 21. June 2010 20:45
On June 26, 2000, two scientific teams announced at the White House that they had deciphered virtually the entire human genome, a prodigious feat that involved determining the exact sequence of chemical units in human genetic material. An enthusiastic President Clinton predicted a revolution i... [More]

Economics and Biotechnology

by jeeg 19. June 2010 00:11
Mike Mandel, from the Mandel on Innovation and Growth blog, has a lot to say about the economic repercussions from the failure of genomics to translate into clinical applications. He says: My nomination for the most significant economic event of the past decade:  The failure of the... [More]

Human Genome Project at Ten Years- Questions Grow as to Value of Genomic Medicine Research

by jeeg 17. June 2010 18:52
Andrew Pollack joins Nicholas Wade ( "Awaiting the Genome Payoff" in the New York Times) in questioning the wholesale focus of biological research in the promise of genetics as personalized medicine without much to show for it. He writes:  "Ten years after President Bill C... [More]

The human genome ten years on– it ain’t necessarily so

by jeeg 15. June 2010 00:18
In a post a couple of months ago, Matthew Cobb took note of the tenth anniversary of the completion of the draft human genome, noting that Nature had published a retrospective.  Matthew rightfully took issue with the dreadful “blueprint” metaphor for the genome, but also ... [More]
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