Protecting privacy while gathering health data

by jeeg 11. August 2014 19:50
  As health care goes digital, data is an increasingly valuable commodity. Correctly crunched, the massive amount of patient health information now online could lead to big improvements in medicine. But few agree on a way to acquire, see, share and use the data that satisfies everyone ... [More]

Health Exchanges' Sharing of Patient Data Heightens Privacy Concerns

by jeeg 17. May 2012 21:26
Victor Hand, a semi-retired railway manager in Maine, grew so alarmed when he learned that his state was building a database to store all residents' medical files that he rushed to the hospital to try to opt out.   "I sure don't want my information in that thing," Hand said. "I just don... [More]

Utah hiring crisis team to manage health data breach

by jeeg 16. May 2012 22:39
The state of Utah is hiring a public relations firm to handle “crisis communications” in the wake of a health data breach that put the personal information of 780,000 people at risk.   The contract will be short-lived and will cost between $100,000 and $200,000, according to... [More]

Breaches Lead to Push to Protect Medical Data

by jeeg 1. June 2011 20:53
Federal health officials call it the Wall of Shame. It’s a government Web page that lists nearly 300 hospitals, doctors and insurance companies that have reported significant breaches of medical privacy in the last couple of years. Such lapses, frightening to consumers, could impede th... [More]

Medical-data breach said to be major

by jeeg 22. October 2010 18:41
A computer flash drive containing the names, addresses, and personal health information of 280,000 people is missing - one of the largest recent security breaches of personal health data in the nation. "We deeply regret this unfortunate incident," said Jay Feldstein, the president of the two af... [More]

Patient Data Accidentally Posted on the Internet

by jeeg 28. September 2010 02:36
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center said Monday that bits and pieces of information, including 10 Social Security numbers, from about 6,800 patients had been inadvertently disclosed on the Internet. The institutions said in a written statement that the information... [More]
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