Senator Puts Pressure On Obama Administration Over GMO Labeling

by jeeg 2. January 2014 01:31
As the fight over labels on foods containing genetically modified ingredients continues, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., says the issue is so pressing that President Obama should skip the Congressional process and direct the FDA to require labels on food containing GM ingredients. Feinstein, who... [More]

Food Fight in China Over GM Crops

by jeeg 13. December 2013 20:05
  OF THE many thousands of usually small protests that break out in China every year, few relate to national policy. Many consider the risk of challenging the central government too great. But the entrance to the agriculture ministry is a gathering spot for occasional demonstrations. T... [More]

Journal's retraction of rat feeding paper is a travesty of science and looks like a bow to industry

by jeeg 3. December 2013 21:24
Elsevier's journal Food and Chemical Toxicology has retracted the paper by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini's group which found severe toxic effects (including liver congestions and necrosis and kidney nephropathies), increased tumor rates and higher mortality in rats fed Monsanto's genetical... [More]

Do We Need GMOs?

by jeeg 26. November 2013 21:10
Most observers agree that we are facing big obstacles to producing enough food sustainably in coming decades. Issues of distribution and food justice remain paramount, but production must also be adequate, and the huge impact that agriculture has on the environment must be reversed. It is in ... [More]

Washington State Says 'No' To GMO Labels

by jeeg 8. November 2013 21:39
Voters appear to have defeated another attempt to require labels on genetically modified foods in Washington state. In early counts, the "no" campaign has what appears to be an with 54 percent of votes. The ballot initiative would require labels on the front of packages for most food products... [More]

The Founding Fables of Industrialized Agriculture

by jeeg 31. October 2013 20:49
Governments these days are not content with agriculture that merely provides good food. In line with the dogma of neoliberalism they want it to contribute as much wealth as any other industry towards the grand goal of “economic growth”. High tech offers to reconcile the two ambitions &... [More]

'Monsanto Protection Act' To Expire, Won't Be Part Of Continuing Resolution

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:55
The so-called Monsanto Protection Act is set to expire, and will not be included in a bill designed to avert a government shutdown, according to a statement Tuesday from the press office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). House Republicans earlier this month released legislation that would includ... [More]

GMOs in Our Food: Do We Have a Right to Know?

by jeeg 7. September 2013 01:17
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably enjoying a snack while checking your email and catching up on your blogs. If you’re eating a conventionally produced snack – that is, one that is not Certified Organic or Non-GMO Verified – chances are it could be full o... [More]

Monsanto and the World Food Prize

by jeeg 21. June 2013 03:01
As reported in the New York Times, the prestigious World Food Prize was awarded today to a trio of scientists who had important roles in the early development of crop genetic engineering. One, Robert Fraley, is at Monsanto, and another Mary-Dell Chilton, is with another seed giant, Syngenta. The... [More]

Ben & Jerry's Will Stop Using Genetically-Modified Ingredients, Company Says

by jeeg 5. June 2013 20:46
Ben & Jerry's is removing a controversial ingredient from its ice cream: Genetically-modified organisms. As of now, only 80% of Ben & Jerry's ingredients are sourced non-GMO, according to the ice cream maker. But by the end of the year, the company aims to completely phase out genetically... [More]
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