CRG Joins Open Letter and Campaign on Living with GMOs

by Admin 13. November 2014 01:53
  Today CRG joined with other NGOs , scientists, anti-GM groups, celebrities, food manufacturers, and others representing 57 million Americans to publish an Open Letter to the UK and the entire EU warning of the serious and manifold hazards of GMO crops - and promising our support in ou... [More]

Watch Part 2 of CRG on Democracy Now! Discussing GMOs and The GMO Deception

by jeeg 3. November 2014 22:24
  Colorado and Oregon could soon become the first states in the nation to pass ballot initiatives mandating the labeling of food products containing genetically modified organisms. Earlier this year, Vermont became the first state to approve GMO labeling through the legislative process, b... [More]

Facing Consumer Pressure, More Firms Are Jettisoning GMOs From Their Foods

by jeeg 11. August 2014 19:53
  Two years ago, Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. initiated a plan to eliminate genetically modfied ingredients from its ice cream, an effort to address a nascent consumer backlash and to fulfill its own environmental goals. This fall, nearly a year behind schedule, it expect... [More]

GMOs Have Never Been Proven Safe

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:35
  Proponents of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) often proclaim that the technology has been fully vetted in terms of human safety, and that anyone objecting to the continued unlabeled use of GMOs in the food supply is somehow dredging up unfounded conspiracy theories. But the truth of ... [More]

U.S. food industry lobbying spikes amid GMO fight-report

by jeeg 31. July 2014 20:29
U.S. food companies spent almost as much lobbying Congress in the first quarter of 2014 as they did in the full year in 2013, a sign the industry may have intensified its fight against state labeling requirements for genetically engineered foods, according to a report released Tuesday. The Grocer... [More]

Roundup-Ready GMO Maize Causes Serious Health Damage

by jeeg 27. June 2014 02:02
  A controversial paper by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues has been republished after a stringent peer review process. The chronic toxicity study examines the health impacts on rats of eating  a commercialized genetically modified (GM) maize, Monsant... [More]

CRG Hosts Book Party at Museum of Natural History for The GMO Deception

by jeeg 25. June 2014 20:12
  Last night the Council for Responsible Genetics hosted a book party on the terrace of the American Museum of Natural History to celebrate the release of our new book, The GMO Deception: What You Need to Know about the Food, Corporations, and Government Agencies Putting Our Families and Our... [More]

High risks, few rewards for Mexico with Monsanto's maize

by jeeg 28. May 2014 01:32
  I'd come to Mexico to investigate the ongoing controversy over the proposed introduction of genetically modified (GM) maize into the birthplace of this important global food crop. The issue was hot, because last October a Mexican judge had issued an injunction halting all experimental a... [More]

New Book from the Council for Responsible Genetics-The GMO Deception

by jeeg 22. May 2014 21:15
    From the Council for Responsible Genetics   The GMO Deception What You Need to Know about the Food, Corporations, and Government Agencies Putting Our Families and Our Environment at Risk Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber Foreword by Ralph ... [More]

Your Food Is Poisoning You

by jeeg 13. May 2014 21:57
  There’s a scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the Air Force subjects Richard Dreyfus and his fellow Third Encounterers to the media. The press conference is actually going pretty well, the media seem to be on the verge of believing these people—until one of them, ... [More]
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