GMO corn failing to protect fields from pest damage: report

by jeeg 29. August 2013 22:24
Researchers in the key corn-growing state of Illinois are finding significant damage from rootworms in farm fields planted in a rotation with a genetically modified corn that is supposed to protect the crop from the pests, according to a new report. Evidence gathered from fields in two Illinois c... [More]

Study finds tumors in rats fed on Monsanto's GM corn

by jeeg 20. September 2012 01:31
In a study that prompted criticism from other experts, French scientists said on Wednesday that rats fed on Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller suffered tumors and multiple organ damage.     Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of C... [More]

Pests Resistant To Genetically Modified Corn

by jeeg 29. December 2011 19:07
One of the nation’s most widely planted crops — a genetically engineered corn plant that makes its own insecticide — may be losing its effectiveness because a major pest appears to be developing resistance more quickly than scientists expected. The U.S. food supply is not in... [More]
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