CRG Board Member Dr. Robert Green Discusses Returning Genomic Research Results to Participants

by jeeg 8. December 2014 20:59
  Research on the human genome is advancing at a tremendous pace, and the cost of genetic testing is falling just as quickly. But those signs of scientific progress also raise complicated ethical issues for doctors, researchers and patients. If you agree to participate in... [More]

BU researchers retract genetic study of longevity

by jeeg 28. July 2011 23:57
Boston University researchers today retracted a controversial, high-profile paper that claimed to identify a genetic signature for extreme longevity, after a new analysis showed some of their original data were incorrect. The paper, originally published online by the journal Science last Jul... [More]

Genetics and Jewish Identity

by jeeg 19. August 2010 15:21
What is the essence of Jewish identity? Is it revealed in the choices we make, like giving tzedakah or observing the Sabbath, or is it in our genetic code? Is it a matter of faith, or a matter of heritability? Is it something we can choose, or is it a biological imperative embedded in nearly every... [More]
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