The right to genetic ignorance

by jeeg 7. September 2013 01:34
People should be free to choose whether to be informed about risk factors in their genomes, or those of their children THE age of genomic medicine is dawning. Whole-genome sequencing is starting to transform the diagnosis of rare inherited diseases, and within a few decades it could be a rout... [More]

Dr. Francis Collins Kicks the Genomic Medicine Can Down the Road

by jeeg 29. June 2010 23:54
Francis Collins, in a Scientific American guest blog, called genetic research "an epic drama being played out year after year." He said we shouldn't worry about what we haven't yet accomplished but see the galss as half full and "growing fuller every day." DNA sequencing costs are gettin... [More]

British Genetics Group Claims a long History of Corruption in Genomic Medicine Funding and Research

by jeeg 24. June 2010 21:00
GeneWatch UK today published a new history of the human genome, which exposes how a string of vested interests have promoted the idea that everyone should be given personal health predictions based on their genetic make-up. The briefing marks the 10th anniversary of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair&r... [More]

The Genome, 10 Years Later

by jeeg 21. June 2010 20:45
On June 26, 2000, two scientific teams announced at the White House that they had deciphered virtually the entire human genome, a prodigious feat that involved determining the exact sequence of chemical units in human genetic material. An enthusiastic President Clinton predicted a revolution i... [More]

Economics and Biotechnology

by jeeg 19. June 2010 00:11
Mike Mandel, from the Mandel on Innovation and Growth blog, has a lot to say about the economic repercussions from the failure of genomics to translate into clinical applications. He says: My nomination for the most significant economic event of the past decade:  The failure of the... [More]
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