Study finding genetic patterns in social networks is rightfully criticized

by jeeg 18. January 2011 22:52
Groups of friends show patterns of genetic similarity, according to a study published today in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1. The findings are based on patterns of variation in two out of six genes sampled among friends and strangers. But the claim is a hard sell for so... [More]

Where does the myth of a gene for things like intelligence come from?

by jeeg 17. September 2010 20:57
I recently received an email from a company called MyGeneProfile: "By discovering your child's inborn talents & personality traits, it can surely provide a great head start to groom your child in the right way ... our Inborn Talent Genetic Test has 99.8% accuracy." I'd registered to receiv... [More]

What if the Geneticists are Wrong?

by jeeg 5. June 2010 00:35
By Dr. Barry Starr-   Scientists have thought that they had a pretty good handle on how genetic diseases work. A certain DNA difference causes a certain gene to work incorrectly leading to a specific genetic disease. And importantly, people with a disease tend to share the same DNA diff... [More]
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