Genomic sequencing’s value challenged in Stanford study

by jeeg 16. January 2015 20:54
  The environment may be a much bigger driver of human health than genetics, which raises questions about the value of genomic sequencing and the push toward personalized medicine, says a team of Stanford scientists studying the immune system. “Genomics technology has advanced so much... [More]

Most parents want their babies’ genome sequenced, study finds

by jeeg 5. January 2015 21:20
  By sequencing the billions of chemical letters in a cell’s DNA, which make up the human genome, scientists may be able to better estimate the risk of a person developing cancer, heart, biochemical and metabolic diseases. But while a majority of parents surveyed in a new study said t... [More]

New DNA analysis could provide complete description of a suspect

by jeeg 4. November 2014 21:57
  When DNA evidence began appearing in U.S. courtrooms in the late 1980s, it was heralded as the greatest leap forward in criminal investigation since fingerprinting. In the following decades, its analysis has helped identify and incarcerate the guilty as well as exonerate and free the innoc... [More]

An Ethics for the Future of Genetic Testing

by jeeg 31. December 2013 05:08
The available prenatal testing technologies for expectant parents are constantly changing in dramatic and subtle ways, and 2013 saw its share of those changes. These tests are tricky territory, especially when it comes to genetic screening. What can these technologies reliably offer to those anxio... [More]

Should You Have The Right Not To Know Genetic Information?

by jeeg 6. November 2013 22:10
Affordable genome sequencing has brought with it a host of ethical debates. Who owns the data? Who can access the data? Should we sequence children? But the debate most likely to directly affect you in the next few years is this: what happens if your physician has your genome sequenced and fin... [More]

Should we fear DNA testing?

by jeeg 6. November 2013 21:47
Imagine you had a tumor. Surgery removed most of it, then chemotherapy or radiation took care of the cells that lingered. You went through a harsh period where you felt exhausted and ill, but then you were OK. Cancer free. Until one of your tests showed some new shadows in a different part of ... [More]

New episodes of GeneWatch TV now online!

by jeeg 29. July 2013 21:26
  GeneWatch magazine's new Youtube video channel, GeneWatch TV, has 6 new episodes online now! Each new issue of GeneWatch magazine now comes with a video component highlighting the key people and hot topics in its pages.   You can hear highly... [More]

Connor Levy, Baby Born After 'Next-Generation Sequencing,' May Be The Future Of IVF

by jeeg 10. July 2013 02:38
A baby in Philadelphia is the first to be born with the help of a new technology that experts hope will make it easier for infertile couples to become pregnant, researchers announced Monday at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Connor Levy arr... [More]

UK building DNA database in the NHS 'by stealth'

by jeeg 24. May 2013 21:00
The plan, which is backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, involves sequencing the DNA of everyone in England and adding this information as an attachment to each person's medical file – warns campaigner In April, the Caldicott Committee, including British government chief scien... [More]

Cancer Centers Racing to Map Patients’ Genes

by jeeg 22. April 2013 23:05
Electric fans growl like airplanes taking off and banks of green lights wink in a basement at Mount Sinai’s medical school, where a new $3 million supercomputer makes quick work of huge amounts of genetic and other biological information. Just a couple of miles away, a competitor, Weill C... [More]
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