Indian Government bill aims to build pool of DNA samples of ‘offenders’; experts fear possible misuse

by jeeg 1. October 2012 21:48
The government plans to introduce a bill in Parliament that aims to create a pool of “DNA profiles” of “offenders” as part of efforts to make crime detection more effective in the country. However, many experts warn of likely misuse of such sweeping powers.   The... [More]

Brazilian Congress Approves Controversial Database Bill-Civil Society Groups Appeal to the Brazillian President to Reject

by jeeg 4. May 2012 20:56
This week the Brazilian Congress approved Bill 2.458/2011, which regulates the collection and storage of genetic profiles from individuals for criminal investigations. It was an uncommonly fast approval of the Bill – it took only seven months in each House. Due to the risks of the Bill for the... [More]

Give teenagers genetic tests to see if they carry incurable diseases that could be passed on to their children

by jeeg 7. April 2011 21:48
Teenagers should be offered gene tests to see if they are carrying incurable diseases that could be passed on to children, official guidelines say. They would be encouraged to undergo screening which would show up any DNA flaws that determine inherited conditions such as cystic fibrosis and D... [More]

Plan to DNA test whole population of United Arab Emirates: rights groups call for UK forensic contract to be scrapped

by jeeg 11. March 2011 00:26
  US Officials Assisting Arab Countries with Setting up DNA Databases that would be illegal in the U.S. Prince Andrew linked to Blair plan to DNA test whole population of United Arab Emirates: rights groups call for UK forensic contract to be scrapped   GeneWatch UK and the Counc... [More]

Biotech groups see modified crop boost

by jeeg 7. March 2011 20:58
The surge in food prices could spur greater acceptance of genetically modified seeds in emerging markets, leading companies have told the Financial Times. Global food prices rose to a record last month, said the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. The International Monetary Fund warned last... [More]

GeneWatch UK slams voluntary gene test guidelines in Britain

by jeeg 5. August 2010 01:37
GeneWatch UK today condemned proposed voluntary guidelines for genetic tests as a dangerous sham. The guidelines, published today by the Human Genetics Commission, are a set of principles that the Government advisory body says companies selling gene tests to consumers should meet (1). Although... [More]

British Genetics Group Claims a long History of Corruption in Genomic Medicine Funding and Research

by jeeg 24. June 2010 21:00
GeneWatch UK today published a new history of the human genome, which exposes how a string of vested interests have promoted the idea that everyone should be given personal health predictions based on their genetic make-up. The briefing marks the 10th anniversary of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair&r... [More]

FSA set to waste over half a million pounds on PR exercise for GM industry

by jeeg 27. May 2010 21:01
Last night, GeneWatch UK's Director Dr Helen Wallace, resigned from the Steering Group for the Food Standards Agency's GM dialogue . The Steering Group meets today to agree to a GBP450,000 bid and GBP50,000 evaluation for its public dialogue on GM crops and food. Additional money will be spent... [More]
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