Losing your say on DNA

by jeeg 17. June 2013 21:00
In a narrow ruling June 3, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the DNA swabbing of people arrested in connection with serious crimes is legal. The Maryland attorney general praised DNA swabbing as the 21st-century equivalent of fingerprinting and said it would help solve crimes. No doubt. Bu... [More]

What Makes a Jewish Mother

by jeeg 5. June 2013 20:42
I was 42 when my husband and I began trying to have a child. Three years later, I finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen naturally. We narrowed our options to two: use eggs donated by another woman, or adopt. We visited a couple who had adopted two children to learn more. As we talk... [More]

DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at "cancer establishments"

by jeeg 10. January 2013 19:45
A day after an exhaustive national report on cancer found the United States is making only slow progress against the disease, one of the country's most iconic - and iconoclastic - scientists weighed in on "the war against cancer." And he does not like what he sees.   James Watson, co-di... [More]

Geneticists to Study Adam Lanza’s DNA

by jeeg 27. December 2012 20:18
Connecticut's medical examiner has asked geneticists at the University of Connecticut to study Adam Lanza's DNA for biological clues as to what led him to carry out his shooting spree in Newtown. A school spokesman confirmed the plans but declined to release details of the project, which has not... [More]

Genetics Will Not Explain Newtown

by jeeg 21. December 2012 23:29
The tragedy in Connecticut last week shook all of us to our core, angering us, and pushing us all to find fault somewhere to explain the devastation. As a country, we have pointed fingers at guns, legislatures, school security and mental health care -- anything that could help us make sense of t... [More]

What we know—and don't know—about the biology of homosexuality

by jeeg 20. December 2012 21:31
The media was abuzz this week after an international group of researchers proposed that scientists may have been looking for the biological underpinnings of homosexuality in the wrong place. Although scientists have spent the last few decades scouring our genome for a “gay gene,” William... [More]


by jeeg 29. February 2012 20:09
Voting behavior cannot be predicted by one or two genes as previous researchers have claimed, according to Evan Charney, a Duke University professor of public policy and political science. In "Candidate Genes and Political Behavior," a paper published in the February 2012 American Political S... [More]

New Book on Race and Genetics by CRG Board Member Robert DeSalle

by jeeg 26. September 2011 21:55
CRG Board member Robert DeSalle who (along with his colleague Ian Tattersall from the American Museum of Natural History) takes a hard science look at the concept of race in: Race? Debunking a Scientific Myth  Texas A&M University Press.   From the Publisher: Race has provided... [More]

New Book on Race and Genetics from the Council for Responsible Genetics

by jeeg 13. September 2011 01:56
Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth and Culture Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Kathleen Sloan Columbia University Press   Do advances in genomic biology create a scientific rationale for long-discredited racial categories? Leading scholars in law, medicine, biology, sociolog... [More]

Race reemerges in debate over ‘personalized medicine’

by jeeg 2. August 2011 00:10
Federal examiners have rejected patents for genetic screening tests because the applicants did not explore their effectiveness for different races, adding to the debate about whether race has scientific validity in modern DNA-based medicine. Some geneticists, sociologists and bioethicists arg... [More]
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