Initiative to label GMO food likely to appear on California ballot

by jeeg 15. May 2012 23:57
A California initiative to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients appeared headed for the ballot in November after organizers said on Wednesday they had gathered nearly 1 million signatures in favor of the measure. The hotly contested proposal is similar to measur... [More]

Modified Crops Tap a Wellspring of Protest

by jeeg 8. February 2012 22:04
SILENT in flannel shirts and ponytails, farmers from Saskatchewan and South Dakota, Mississippi and Massachusetts lined the walls of a packed federal courtroom in Manhattan last week, as their lawyers told a judge that they were no longer able to keep genetically modified crops from their fiel... [More]

Pests Resistant To Genetically Modified Corn

by jeeg 29. December 2011 19:07
One of the nation’s most widely planted crops — a genetically engineered corn plant that makes its own insecticide — may be losing its effectiveness because a major pest appears to be developing resistance more quickly than scientists expected. The U.S. food supply is not in... [More]

U.S. approves Monsanto drought-tolerant GM corn

by jeeg 26. December 2011 19:59
Monsanto's genetically engineered, drought resistant corn is deregulated, the U.S. Agriculture Department said Thursday, clearing the variety for sale. USDA approved the variety after reviewing environmental and risk assessments, public comments and research data from Monsanto. Corn is the m... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine on Behavioral Genetics

by jeeg 21. November 2011 21:13
We are once again in the midst of a resurgence of research on behavioral genetics, a field that examines the role of genetics in human (and other animal) behavior.  Indeed, there has been a marked increase in people from fields outside of genetics conducting studies to find a genetic basi... [More]

EU imposes stiff controls to block Chinese GM rice

by jeeg 17. November 2011 01:16
EU member states have slapped rigid new controls on all imports of Chinese rice products in the wake of ever-increasing detection of products 'contaminated' with unauthorised genetically modified rice. Following a near unanimous decision by experts sitting on the bloc’s food safety com... [More]

Legislation may pass GMO labeling duties to produce distributors

by jeeg 7. November 2011 22:44
Legislation being introduced by state Rep. Richard Roy (D-Milford) to require clearer labeling of food products that contain genetically modified organisms could prove costly to produce distributors. The legislation failed in the Connecticut General Assembly this past session, but when it is... [More]

EU high court rules on GMO contamination; opens door to biotech liability

by jeeg 8. September 2011 22:37
On Sept. 6, the European Union’s top court paved the way for farmers and beekeepers to recoup losses when their crops or honey become genetically contaminated from neighboring GM fields. The European Court of Justice ruled that all food products containing GMOs – whether... [More]

Salmon Breeding: Genetically Modified Salmon Can Breed With Wild Species, Study Finds

by jeeg 20. July 2011 01:42
Transgenic salmon may not be as interested in the opposite sex as their wild, robust counterparts – but they do have enough sex drive to alter natural populations. That’s the conclusion of a team of Canadian scientists who observed the breeding behavior of laboratory-reared, genet... [More]

10-year moratorium approved on entrance of GMOs to Peru

by jeeg 10. June 2011 00:19
Farmers from Cusco came to Lima at the beginning of May to protest the entrance of GMOs to Peru.      Congress has adopted a bill that declares a 10-year moratorium on the entrance of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for cultivation and breeding or any other type ... [More]
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