The monarchs were missing this summer ... and we and weather were to blame

by jeeg 1. October 2013 21:35
Bob Gobeil, a volunteer for the Maine Butterfly Survey, and his wife Rose Marie traipse through fields of yellow and purple wildflowers past an old clapboard farmhouse. Bald eagles soar overhead. "These fields should be full of flying monarchs because of the amount of milkweed, literally acre... [More]

Wait, Did the USDA Just Deregulate All New Genetically Modified Crops?

by jeeg 11. July 2011 21:31
It's a hoary bureaucratic trick, making a controversial announcement on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend, when most people are daydreaming about what beer to buy on the way home from work, or are checking movie times online. But that's precisely what the US Department of Agriculture ... [More]

A World of Benefits from Biotechnology? For Whom?

by jeeg 18. May 2010 18:04
  When the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) met in Chicago last week they were, no doubt, elated to hear that the U.S. State Department would be aggressively confronting critics of agricultural biotechnology. Wouldn't you think the State Department might have more pressing issues... [More]
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