GM Mosquitoes Soon to be Released in Malaysia, Many Unanswered Questions

by jeeg 16. December 2010 05:21
Malaysia is on the brink of field testing GE mosquitoes in a small town in the state of Pahang, a short distance from Kuala Lumpur. Preparations are said to be underway to release the GE mosquitoes, first, in an uninhabited area and subsequently, in an inhabited area. Another pr... [More]

Alaskan Legislature Opposes GM Salmon

by jeeg 26. October 2010 01:16
  State Capitol Juneau, Alaska, 99801 October 1, 2010 Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. Commissioner Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20993 Dear Commissioner, We are writing to express our serious opposition to allowing AquaBounty to market... [More]

Court Rules Against GM Sugar Beets

by jeeg 14. August 2010 13:13
A federal district court judge revoked the government’s approval of genetically engineered sugar beets Friday, saying that the Agriculture Department had not adequately assessed the environmental consequences before approving them for commercial cultivation. The decision, by Judge Jeff... [More]

Genetically Modified Insects: What next?

by jeeg 20. June 2010 00:01
  Most of us probably don't think about insects when we hear about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Yet many scientists believe that genetically modified (GM) insects hold great promise by providing a powerful tool to prevent unnecessary deaths. Approximately half the world's popul... [More]

Global Food Security Act, S.384, to give $billions to Monsanto, other GMO producers

by jeeg 31. May 2010 05:11
Experts, scientists and advocates from around the world have petitioned the U.S. Senate in a concerted attempt to strip what they term a “stealth corporate giveaway” embedded in a foreign aid bill which is expected to hit the Senate floor soon. The “Global Food Security Act&r... [More]

FSA set to waste over half a million pounds on PR exercise for GM industry

by jeeg 27. May 2010 21:01
Last night, GeneWatch UK's Director Dr Helen Wallace, resigned from the Steering Group for the Food Standards Agency's GM dialogue . The Steering Group meets today to agree to a GBP450,000 bid and GBP50,000 evaluation for its public dialogue on GM crops and food. Additional money will be spent... [More]

Spray, Baby, Spray

by jeeg 11. May 2010 19:03
    When Monsanto began selling genetically modified 'Roundup Ready' soybeans in the 1990s, it sounded too good to be true: farmers could spray a single chemical over their entire field that would kill all weeds in its path but leave crops unharmed. The chemical was glyphosate, ori... [More]
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