We Stand in Opposition to GE Alfalfa

by jeeg 1. February 2011 22:18
We stand united in opposition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) decision to once again allow unlimited, nationwide commercial planting of Monsanto's genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready alfalfa, despite the many risks to organic and conventional farmers. Last spring more tha... [More]

USDA will allow planting of modified alfalfa

by jeeg 28. January 2011 21:56
The Agriculture Department is allowing widespread planting of genetically modified alfalfa, attempting to bring to a close a lengthy legal and regulatory process in which organic producers attempted to curtail the use of the modified crop. The decision announced Thursday is a blow to the ... [More]

Public Support for GM Food Drops in Australia

by jeeg 28. October 2010 20:17
Australians continue to support biotechnologies that provide health and environmental benefits, but support for genetically modified foods has dropped since 2007, a new national survey has found. The latest study of public perception towards biotechnologies – conducted biannually over t... [More]

In Europe, a Move to Ease Curbs on Growing Biotech Crops

by jeeg 9. July 2010 00:16
After decades of pushing nations to surrender more power to the European Union, the bloc is pulling back on efforts to assert its authority over one highly contentious issue,genetically modified foods. On Tuesday, the European Commission will formally propose giving back to... [More]

Supreme Court Case a Defeat for Monsanto's Ambitions

by jeeg 22. June 2010 19:42
It should be no surprise that Monsanto's PR machine is working hard to spin the truth in this morning's decision in the first-ever Supreme Court case on genetically engineered crops (Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms). Despite what the biotech seed giant is claiming, today's ruling isn't close t... [More]

Supreme Court Lifts Genetically Modfied Alfalfa Ban

by jeeg 22. June 2010 00:00
The U.S. Supreme Court, ruling in favor of Monsanto Co., overturned a judge’s ban on the planting of alfalfa seeds engineered to be resistant to the company’s Roundup herbicide. The 7-1 ruling shifts the focus of the environmental dispute to the Agriculture Department, which under... [More]
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