‘Devious Defecator’ Case Tests Genetics Law

by jeeg 2. June 2015 21:17
  Seven years ago, Congress prohibited employers and insurers from discriminating against people with genes that increase their risks for costly diseases, but the case that experts believe is the first to go to trial under the law involves something completely different: an effort by an e... [More]

If Canada does not act to protect genetic data, we could see the rise of genetic discrimination

by jeeg 21. May 2015 23:27
  Earlier this month the Senate Human Rights Committee gutted a bill calling for a law against genetic discrimination in Canada. Instead of protecting Canadians from having their personal genetic information used against them, the bill now simply provides a definition of “disclose&rdqu... [More]

CRG in the news-Group Says US Needs Better Laws to Prevent Misuse of Genetic Information

by jeeg 2. February 2015 19:59
  President and Executive Director of Council for Responsible Genetics claims that US needs more comprehensive laws that would protect US citizens from inappropriate usage of their genetic information. The United States need more comprehensive laws that would protect US citizens from ... [More]

UK moratorium on use of genetic tests by insurers extended

by jeeg 21. January 2015 22:13
  The UK Government and Association of British Insurers (ABI) have agreed to extend their voluntary moratorium on the use of predictive genetic test results by insurers by another two years, to 2019. Originally established in 2001 and periodically reviewed and renewed ever since, the Conc... [More]

Genetic Discrimination Means the Choice Between Life and Life Insurance in Canada

by jeeg 12. December 2014 19:25
Protecting members of our society from discrimination based on the colour of their skin, ethnicity, or ancestry is a fundamental Canadian value. Unfortunately, Canadians across the country currently face real as well as potential future discrimination based on their DNA. Genetic discrimination i... [More]

Canada Agency Clashes With Insurers on Genetic Testing

by jeeg 10. July 2014 22:51
  A Canadian agency is pushing life and health insurers to stop asking applicants for access to genetic test results, drawing resistance from an industry that says the data help companies properly price policies. The request today from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada asks i... [More]

Protecting Genetic Data- A Primer for Employers

by jeeg 2. July 2014 02:21
    Protecting Genetic Data A growing concern   By Jeremy Gruber, JD   As genetic testing and genetic information become increasingly available, it is critical that   employers have a full understanding of current genetic privacy and nondi... [More]

The Genome's Big Data Problem

by jeeg 5. June 2014 20:26
  Medicine will be revolutionised in the 21st century, thanks largely to our increasing understanding and collection of genetic data. Genetic data is information pertaining to part or all of your genome: the DNA structure that makes you you. This is trans... [More]

Hong Kong Privacy chief sees red over DNA staff tests

by jeeg 30. May 2014 19:23
  The privacy commissioner has described as outrageous a move by an investment company to identify bloodstains in a toilet by taking DNA samples from all female employees. Senior personal data officer Natalie Poon Kit- lam said the hunt began after management found menstrual-blood stains... [More]

Anniversary of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

by jeeg 21. May 2014 21:53
  Six years ago today on May 21, 2008, then President Bush signed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) into law.  Senator Ted Kennedy hailed GINA as the "first civil rights bill of the new century."   GINA represents the first time that Congress has passed... [More]
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