Study Highlights the Risk of Handing Over Your Genome

by jeeg 18. January 2013 00:52
If you contribute your genome sequence anonymously to a scientific study, that data might still be linked back to you, according to a study published today in the journal Science. The researchers behind the study found they could deanonymize genomic data using only publicly available Internet in... [More]

American Heart Association Issues Policy Guidance on Use of Genetic Information

by jeeg 1. June 2012 20:28
  The American Heart Association (AHA) has issued a new policy statement on the use of genetic information in cardiovascular medicine and research, making recommendations on everything from the legality of patenting genes with significance to cardiovascular disease to the role of genetic testi... [More]

California Considers DNA Privacy Law

by jeeg 21. May 2012 19:21
California lawmakers are weighing a bill aimed at protecting their state's citizens from surreptitious genetic testing but scientists are voicing their growing concerns that, if passed, such a law would have a costly and damaging effect on research.   The bill, dubbed the Genetic Inform... [More]

Court orders new constraints on newborn screening program

by jeeg 17. November 2011 01:37
A state health program that takes blood samples from Minnesota newborns to screen for more than 50 diseases and disorders can continue despite a legal challenge on genetic privacy grounds, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today. But in a ruling that reverses a lower court decision, the ... [More]

Now Credit Card Companies Want Your DNA

by jeeg 27. October 2011 22:11
A Wall Street Journal article earlier this week reported that Visa and MasterCard are exploring new ways to take data about your buying habits in the brick-and-mortar world and let online marketers use that information to target you with ads when you browse the web. But buried a little ways do... [More]


by jeeg 1. March 2011 21:07
VERMONT JOINS CALIFORNIA AND MASSACHUSETTS ADVANCING GENETIC PRIVACY EFFORTS   Vermont has become the third state in 2011 to introduce genetic privacy legislation- following on the heels of legislative action in first Massachusetts and then California. Each of these individual measures ... [More]

Social Media, Genomics Driving Data Tsunami

by jeeg 22. February 2011 23:29
The social media wave is being followed by a big data tsunami.   Ok, the imagery is getting a little outlandish, but the flood of information that must be stored and analyzed is generating excitement, especially in Boston, where many in the tech world worry that they were at the beach w... [More]

Combat in Our Genes?

by jeeg 19. January 2011 21:10
Born soldiers may say they have "combat in our genes" — but a new report suggests the Pentagon may want to give the phrase whole new meaning by turning DNA into the next military battleground. The report, prepared by a defense science advisory panel known as JASON and reported by Secrec... [More]

Genetic Soldiers? Advisory Group Urges Pentagon To Map Genes Of All Personnel

by jeeg 14. January 2011 19:10
It sounds like something out of a dystopian science fiction novel, but it's not. A new report from a secretive, highly influential group of scientists is urging the Department of Defense to begin collecting and mapping the full genome of all military personnel -- a move that could well give ... [More]

Americans’ Concern about the Privacy of Their Genetic Information Reaches New High

by jeeg 11. January 2011 22:01
A report just released by Cogent Research, in partnership with CAHG, reveals that Americans are more concerned than ever about the privacy of their genetic information. Furthermore, this concern is increasingly inhibiting the likelihood that they will consider having a molecular diagnostic tes... [More]
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