‘Devious Defecator’ Case Tests Genetics Law

by jeeg 2. June 2015 21:17
  Seven years ago, Congress prohibited employers and insurers from discriminating against people with genes that increase their risks for costly diseases, but the case that experts believe is the first to go to trial under the law involves something completely different: an effort by an e... [More]

Canadian bill banning genetic discrimination runs into hurdles

by jeeg 23. February 2015 20:36
  A Senate bill that would block businesses from obtaining details of someone’s genetic makeup has been watered down too much, its supporters charge. The bill, S-201, was aimed at preventing employers, businesses and insurance companies from gaining a... [More]

Genetic discrimination impacts cancer patients in Canada without insurance coverage

by jeeg 17. November 2014 23:59
  This year 67 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day — 14 of those women will die every day, according the latest statistics from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. It’s a harsh reality for so many women in Canada and Teresa Quick is a prime example of... [More]

CRG Pens Chapter on Genetic Discrimination for New Edition of Bioethics Encyclopedia

by jeeg 25. June 2014 21:35
  With its initial publication in 1978, Bioethics became the first encyclopedia reference to focus solely on a then burgeoning field, in effect helping to define the discipline. Both the first and second (1995) editions won the Dartmouth Medal, and the set remains the standard reference o... [More]
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