Sixty years of a DNA world view

by jeeg 6. May 2013 22:08
Over the last week, there have been several articles celebrating the passage of 60 years since James Watson and Francis Crick published their paper in Nature describing the double helical structure of the DNA molecule. It unleashed a genomic worldview and led to the central dogma of genetics and... [More]

Court Rejects Judge’s Assertion of a Child Pornography Gene

by jeeg 31. January 2011 18:34
A federal appeals court in Manhattan overturned a six-and-a-half-year sentence in a child pornography case on Friday, saying the judge who imposed it improperly found that the defendant would return to viewing child pornography “because of an as-of-yet undiscovered gene.” The jud... [More]

DNA Revolution-Hype or Hope?

by jeeg 6. June 2010 15:13
                     Thus suggests Sharon Begley of Newsweek in her recent article DNA As Crystal Ball: Buyer Beware.   Begley points to a study in the May 12, 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association t... [More]

Are Athletes the Products of Their Genetics?

by jeeg 16. May 2010 04:24
  An article in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated examining the latest science on genetic influence over athletic ability suggests that the world's elite athletes aren't necessary equipped higher proportions of superpowered genes. In fact, David Epstein writes that when it comes ... [More]
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