Scientists Genetically Engineering Mosquitoes to Fight Malaria

by jeeg 8. August 2010 06:12
For more than a century, people have battled malaria by fighting its carrier, the indomitable mosquito. But last month, scientists at the University of Arizona found a way to turn this blood-sucking enemy into a potential ally. They performed the trick by altering the bug’s DNA, making i... [More]

CRG Issues Report on Gene Patents

by jeeg 6. August 2010 01:26
The Council for Responsible Genetics has issued a new report exploring the cost and scope of gene patents in the U.S. Basic research into human genetics and genomics has revealed some useful discoveries about the link between genes and human health and disease.  These discoverie... [More]

Venter Speaks Out on the Human Genome Project, Synthetic Biology and Personal Genomics Among Other Things

by jeeg 3. August 2010 00:01
In a DER SPIEGEL interview, genetic scientist Craig Venter discusses the 10 years he spent sequencing the human genome, why we have learned so little from it a decade on and the potential for mass production of artificial life forms that could be used to produce fuels and other resources. &nb... [More]

CDC Calls Personal Genomics "Not Ready for Prime Time"

by jeeg 31. July 2010 00:37
Dr. Muin Khoury, director of the Office of Public Health Genomics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the first time publicly stated the CDC's position against DTC testing.  His full statement is below: Today I would like to talk to you about personal genomic tests that... [More]

European Parliament calls for ban on food from cloned animals

by jeeg 25. July 2010 18:33
  Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) renewed their appeal for a ban on food from cloned animals when they voted on novel foods legislation on Wednesday. They also demanded a moratorium on foods using nanotechnology until potential health risks can be ruled out. Novel foods - th... [More]

Man-Made Life a Boon With Risks for Terror and Error

by jeeg 22. July 2010 00:03
Government regulation is needed to oversee the fast-developing synthetic biology industry, said two pioneers in the field, Harvard scientist George Church and genome researcher Craig Venter.  The ability of scientists to modify bacteria and other organisms by adding designer gene sequence... [More]

Europe Seeks to Ban Food From Clones

by jeeg 9. July 2010 00:09
The European Parliament asked on Wednesday for a ban on the sale of foods from cloned animals and their offspring, the latest sign of deepening concern in the European Union about the safety and ethics of new food technologies. The chamber, meeting in Strasbourg, France, a... [More]

23andme Questions GWAS Longevity Study

by jeeg 8. July 2010 02:09
A genome-wide association study of extreme longevity published last week in the journal Science has been receiving a lot of press attention.  The results are quite extraordinary: the authors identify 70 loci with genome-wide significant evidence for association with living past the age of... [More]

Dispute Escalating Over Genetic Resources

by jeeg 5. July 2010 00:05
A new dispute is emerging between developing and industrialized countries, with the battle expected to reach a head in Nagoya. Developing countries are demanding a larger share of benefits from their supplies of the plants and micro-organisms that form the raw materials for many food, pharm... [More]

Lawsuit Filed to Halt Release of Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees

by jeeg 4. July 2010 00:21
An alliance of conservation organizations today sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture over its approval of open-air field tests of a genetically engineered (GE) hybrid of eucalyptus tree across the southern United States. The permit, issued to a company called ArborGen, which is a joint init... [More]
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