Gene patents in the dock

by jeeg 11. April 2013 18:29
When Daniel Weaver pitches Genformatic to potential investors, he feels obliged to note a future legal uncertainty. The two-year-old company, based in Austin, Texas, offers whole-genome sequencing and analysis to researchers and physicians, with plans to apply the technology to medical diagnostics... [More]

Gene patents put patients at risk

by jeeg 28. March 2013 19:35
Authorities have gone too far in allowing claims on DNA   For more than 30 years legal authorities around the world have been arguing about the patentability of DNA. The next round takes place on April 15 when the US Supreme Court hears a challenge to patents held by Myriad Genetics ... [More]

What Do Genes Have to Do With Law? The Supreme Court Doesn't Know

by jeeg 5. March 2013 20:45
Sixty years ago, scientists first discovered DNA, the structure in which a person’s genes are encoded. Since then, our knowledge of the genome has revolutionized medicine. But when it comes to the U.S. legal system, important questions about what a gene is remain unsolved. Here's one questi... [More]

Australian BRCA1 gene patent ruling to be appealed

by jeeg 5. March 2013 20:42
A decision that private companies can control human genes will be appealed in the Federal Court.   Cancer groups have applauded the move, and say a win is vital to protect patient access to new tests and treatments. Law firm Maurice Blackburn has lodged documents to appeal a decision l... [More]

Australian court backs claim to own breast cancer gene

by jeeg 15. February 2013 18:30
Can companies patent human genes? It was the question considered by an Australian federal court judge who on Friday ruled that a U.S. biotech company was within its rights to hold Australian patent 686004.   That patent covers mutations of the human gene BRCA1 which point to a greater h... [More]

Seed companies nearing deal on off-patent GMO technology

by jeeg 2. November 2012 17:39
  The U.S. seed industry said Wednesday it was a step closer to establishing a broad framework for the handling of genetically modified seed technology as product patents expire. The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) said they have c... [More]

Myriad wins gene patent ruling from US appeals court

by jeeg 17. August 2012 04:44
  A U.S. federal appeals court has once again affirmed the right of Myriad Genetics Inc to patent two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer, after the U.S. Supreme Court told it to take another look at the hotly contested case. A 2-1 panel of the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals... [More]

James Watson, Discoverer of DNA: Patenting Human Genes Is “Lunacy”

by jeeg 18. July 2012 21:08
Recently, Dr. James Watson filed an amicus brief opposing gene patents in our lawsuit challenging the patents on two human genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Dr. Watson, along with Francis Crick, identified DNA’s ability to create life through its double helical st... [More]

Gene patent case ramps up

by jeeg 15. June 2012 23:01
Today the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and others file legal documents challenging patents on DNA.   The ACLU briefs detail their case against seven patents held by Myriad Genetics, a diagnostics company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, regarding two genes associated with a ... [More]

Appeals Court to Hear Gene Patent Case in July

by jeeg 1. May 2012 21:41
A federal appeals court will hear arguments about whether companies can patent genes on July 20. The  American Civil Liberties Union has challenged Myriad Genetics’ patents on the BRCA 1 and BRCA2 genes, which affect the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The Supreme Court sent the... [More]
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