Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history

by jeeg 14. September 2012 01:51
This week, the ENCODE project released the results of its latest attempt to catalog all the activities associated with the human genome. Although we've had the sequence of bases that comprise the genome for over a decade, there were still many questions about what a lot of those bases do when inside... [More]

Have researchers really discovered any genes for behavior? Candidates welcome

by jeeg 3. May 2011 22:42
A couple of science-writing colleagues objected to my recent post on the "warrior gene." Both accuse me of throwing the baby of modern behavioral genetics—which seeks to link complex behavioral traits to specific genes—out with the bathwater of media hype. Naturally, my innate bell... [More]

Code rage: The "warrior gene" makes me mad! (Whether I have it or not)

by jeeg 3. May 2011 22:34
Just when you think the blame-it-on-our-genes craze can't get worse, the "warrior gene" goes viral. The latest media outlet to flog it is the Dr. Phil show, which on April 4 broadcast "Born to Rage?". From the promo: "Scientists believe they may know why some people are quicker to anger than o... [More]

Court Rejects Judge’s Assertion of a Child Pornography Gene

by jeeg 31. January 2011 18:34
A federal appeals court in Manhattan overturned a six-and-a-half-year sentence in a child pornography case on Friday, saying the judge who imposed it improperly found that the defendant would return to viewing child pornography “because of an as-of-yet undiscovered gene.” The jud... [More]

Study finding genetic patterns in social networks is rightfully criticized

by jeeg 18. January 2011 22:52
Groups of friends show patterns of genetic similarity, according to a study published today in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1. The findings are based on patterns of variation in two out of six genes sampled among friends and strangers. But the claim is a hard sell for so... [More]

Genetic Predisposition to Survey Taking?

by jeeg 2. September 2010 22:59
A new study from North Carolina State is claiming that they have discovered a genetic predisposition to survey taking by comparing data from sets of identical and fraternal twins  As absurd as the premise of this study is on its face, it proves a classic example of the willingness to see... [More]

Are Athletes the Products of Their Genetics?

by jeeg 16. May 2010 04:24
  An article in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated examining the latest science on genetic influence over athletic ability suggests that the world's elite athletes aren't necessary equipped higher proportions of superpowered genes. In fact, David Epstein writes that when it comes ... [More]
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