Y All the Hype?

by jeeg 9. May 2014 21:22
  Last month two Nature studies on the Y chromosome were in the news, trumpeted as revealing “differences in men’s and women’s bodies, differences found as deep down as the cellular level.” The coverage of the studies offers an allegory for our age about the way scien... [More]

If You Really, Really Wanted a Girl ...

by jeeg 22. August 2011 18:59
THIS month brought news that could alter the landscape of American pregnancy. Tests using DNA to determine a fetus’s sex were shown to be remarkably accurate, able to tell with 95 percent certainty as early as seven weeks into pregnancy, if a woman is carrying a boy or girl. The tests,... [More]

Sexual discrimination against women in science may be institutional

by jeeg 8. February 2011 23:25
When it comes to worrying about the underrepresentation of women in science, especially at higher levels, are we stuck in the past? A paper published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that we are. Researchers Stephen Ceci and Wendy Williams from Cornell... [More]
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