French police to DNA test entire male population of village in hunt for serial firebug who torched holiday homes popular with Brits

by jeeg 12. February 2013 22:25
The entire adult male population of a small village in northwest France are to be DNA tested in a bid to identify a firebug who has destroyed eight properties over the past year, including holiday homes rented out to British tourists.   Four hundred Frenchmen aged between 15 and 75, rep... [More]

French police take DNA samples of Roma, rights group claims

by jeeg 21. October 2010 18:47
    A human rights group has accused French police of taking DNA samples of Roma as condemnation of France’s crackdown on illegal traveller camps intensifies.   French police have taken DNA samples of Roma (Gypsies) as part of a crackdown on illegal traveller camps, a ... [More]
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