Could better DNA testing facilities in India have saved the Talwars?

by jeeg 11. October 2012 18:17
Over the last decade, the use of DNA tests to solve crimes has seen a significant rise in crime investigation in India. But forensic experts warn that the absence of standard practices, quality checks and regulation has resulted in irresponsible and inaccurate application of the technology.The use... [More]

The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Launches New Website

by jeeg 16. February 2012 01:20
Today, 60 countries worldwide operate national DNA databases (many of which are considering expansion) and databases are being considered in at least 34 additional countries.   The use of DNA profiling in criminal investigations can bring benefits to society by helping to solve crimes a... [More]

Concern over police DNA database

by jeeg 19. September 2011 23:23
A civil liberties specialist says the Government's plans to roll out the final phase of its DNA database upgrade, lowers the bar of law in this country. The new law means DNA can be collected from adult offenders for any offence punishable by a prison sentence. Criminal barrister Michael Bot... [More]

Prisoners will be forced to give DNA samples for national crime database – report

by jeeg 4. May 2011 22:35
PRISONERS WILL BE forced to give DNA samples as part of plans to establish a national crime database, according to a report this morning. The Irish Daily Mail reports that every inmate convicted of a serious offence or arrested for a crime that carries a jail term of five years or more will b... [More]

CRG and GeneWatch UK Issue New Resources on Forensic DNA Databases

by jeeg 13. January 2011 21:51
The use of forensic DNA databases by law enforcement agencies around the globe is expanding unchecked at an alarming rate and efforts are underway to harmonize them. Today, 56 countries worldwide operate national DNA databases from Asia to Europe and the Americas.  Some are still in their inf... [More]

Forensic Science Service to be wound up

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:37
The government-owned Forensic Science Service, which employs 1,600 people, is to be wound up - closing by 2012. Crime Reduction Minister James Brokenshire said the Birmingham-based service was losing about £2m a month and could run out of money in January. Its evidence was key to the a... [More]

India May Soon Have a National DNA Database

by jeeg 16. September 2010 23:12
If their Parliament passes the DNA Profiling Bill, 2007, India will soon join countries such as the US and UK in creating a national DNA database. "The bill, drafted and sent to all ministries and departments for their feedback, has been modified. The final version has been sent to the law mi... [More]

DNA crime-fighting tools can help crack cases, but authorities must put proper procedures in place.

by jeeg 11. July 2010 00:01
   It was an unfinished slice of pizza that led to the identification ofLonnie David Franklin Jr. as the prime suspect in the Grim Sleepermurder investigation. But the pizza was just the final clue leading tohis arrest.The key break in the investigation, intermittently conducted over 25ye... [More]
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