False positive highlights limitations of familial DNA searching

by jeeg 4. May 2015 23:30
  Michael Usry, a young New Orleans filmmaker, has a flair for the macabre. His award-winning output includes titles like “Murderabilia,” a dark production that spotlights the trade in collectibles related to real-life killings and other violent crimes. Usry’s work can ... [More]

Wisconsin turns to controversial familial DNA testing to solve old murders, rapes

by jeeg 9. May 2014 21:25
  Wisconsin has joined a handful of states in allowing familial DNA testing — a powerful but debatable procedure — to identify suspects in murders and sexual assaults. “We’re getting to the point where we will start offering this,” said Brian O’Keefe, adm... [More]

Forensic Familial Search Methods Carry Risk of Certain False Matches

by jeeg 15. August 2013 21:17
Forensic DNA-based familial search methods may mistakenly identify individuals in a database as siblings or parents of an unknown perpetrator, when in fact they are distant relatives, according to research published August 14 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Rori Rohlfs and colleagues fr... [More]

3 Years After Inception, a DNA Technique Yields Little Success for the Police

by jeeg 29. January 2013 00:51
The robber fled through a backyard in Queens, dropping a jacket and gloves and with them, genetic material. Detectives failed to find a suspect in tests comparing the material against a DNA database of convicted criminals. But the search yielded a near match to a convict with an unusually simil... [More]

New York on Verge of Massive Expansion of State DNA Database

by jeeg 15. June 2010 01:39
As of April, New York state's DNA databank contained the genetic profiles of 356,054 people, most of them criminals. A decision later this month could, in effect, add millions more, whose only "offense" is being related to a convict.   No, their DNA won't actually be in the system. But ... [More]
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