Anthrax? That’s Not the Real Worry

by jeeg 3. July 2014 23:08
  Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently discovered that at least 75 workers there had been exposed to possible anthrax infection. We should be glad that it was only anthrax. Anthrax is a dangerous but noncontagious bacterium; the risk to the exposed worke... [More]

Court dismisses suit over unethical US experiments

by jeeg 22. June 2012 21:44
A US court has dismissed a lawsuit by Guatemalan citizens against US officials in connection with unethical medical experiments conducted by American researchers in the 1940s. Lawyers representing the plaintiffs vowed to appeal the 14 June decision. The semi-secret research project, whic... [More]

Horrific medical tests of past raise concerns for today

by jeeg 6. October 2010 00:49
The astounding revelation that U.S. medical researchers intentionally gave Guatemalans gonorrhea and syphilis more than 60 years ago is so horrifying that we want to believe that what happened then could never happen today. We want to believe that doctors are treating the poor, ... [More]
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