'High Tech' DNA Detectives

by jeeg 12. August 2013 18:59
San Diego County Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Biotechnology students at High Tech High School (HTH) recently worked with the San Diego Zoo's Department of Conservation and Research for Endangered Species (CRES) to complete a successful DNA identification process of dried meat in what prov... [More]

Genetic Testing Shows Fins of Endangered Sharks Found in U.S. Soup Bowls

by jeeg 7. September 2012 22:43
Genetic testing of shark fin soup from cities across the United States has found DNA from eight endangered and threatened shark species.   In the first nationwide analysis of shark fin soup, bowls of the Asian delicacy served in 13 out the 14 U.S. cities tested were found to contain spe... [More]

Numbers trump genetic diversity in survival stakes

by jeeg 9. August 2012 22:31
As a species tumbles towards extinction, populations with few members are more likely to die off than those with low genetic diversity. At least that’s the message from a 12-year-long experiment by husband-and-wife team Tim Wootton and Cathy Pfister of the University of Chicago in Illinois. ... [More]

Disgraced researcher questioned over interspecies cloning claims

by jeeg 21. October 2011 23:59
Critics are questioning the veracity of recent claims from the research team of Dr. Hwang Woo-suk at the Suam Bioengineering Research Institute and Gyeonggi Province. Hwang and the government claim that the team succeeded for the first time in cloning the endangered coyote and performing inter... [More]
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