Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer

by jeeg 16. May 2013 21:14
  Scientists have used cloning technology to transform human skin cells into embryonic stem cells, an experiment that may revive the controversy over human cloning. The researchers stopped well short of creating a human clone. But they showed, for the first time, that it is possib... [More]

Stem Cell Lawsuit Finally Over

by jeeg 10. January 2013 21:03
The Supreme Court today rejected a request to ban U.S.-funded research on human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The decision brings to an end a long legal battle that has cast a shadow over hESC studies for over 3 years.   Two scientists who study adult stem cells filed their suit, Sherle... [More]

Setback for New Stem Cell Treatment

by jeeg 14. May 2011 00:23
In an unexpected setback to efforts to harness a promising new type of stem cell to treat diseases, researchers reported on Friday that tissues made from those stem cells might be rejected by a patient’s immune system — even though the tissues would be derived from that very same p... [More]

Scientists to EU Court: Patents on Stem Cells Must Be Allowed

by jeeg 29. April 2011 22:19
What’s the News: As a European court looks poised to ban the patenting of technologies using human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), a group of prominent scientists has issued a warning: regenerative medicine is never going to leave the lab if no one can make money on it. What’s t... [More]

Fourteen women rescued from illegal surrogacy ring in Thailand

by jeeg 24. February 2011 21:00
Thai police yesterday broke up a ring offering illegal surrogacy service and rescued fourteen Vietnamese women. The women, aged 19 to 26 years old, were confined to three houses on the outskirts of Bangkok, said a Vietnam News Agency Correspondent who witnessed the rescue, conducted by T... [More]

Group Asks for Stay of Stem Cell Injunction

by jeeg 6. September 2010 16:54
A stem cell research advocacy group consisting of nearly 100 universities, scientific societies, patient organizations and foundations has filed a court document explaining why Judge Royce Lamberth, who last month issued an injunction against federal funding of human embryonic stem cell resear... [More]
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